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What is Inner Dance

What is Inner Dance? 

Inner Dance is a transformative process developed by Pi Villaraza in the Phillipines. This powerful process is now spreading across the world. 

Inner dance uses sound, music and intuitive healing touch to help you remove energy blocks and become the person you were meant to be. 

In a session you will listen to a skillfully curated playlist sometimes supplemented by other instruments. The music will move you through a journey of brainwave states - the experience is often likened to lucid dreaming. You may see visions, experience intense emotions and feel electrical impulses in the body. Many people feel a strong urge to move and should allow the body to move in the way that feels right at that time - others will sink deep into trance states and lie still for the whole session. Every session is different and the experience varies with the individual. After a session you may experience vivid dreams, a new sense of purpose or find that decisions are made easily. 

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All the facilitators here have either trained directly with Pi in the Phillipines or with Katie Holland who trained to teach with Pi. All facilitators have committed to a code of conduct that includes maintaining annual CPD, appropriate insurance and the provision of aftercare if needed. 

Many of the facilitators are trained in multiple modalities and will bring their own blend of experience and knowledge to the Inner Dance facilitation. 

In order to fully benefit from the process it is important that you trust the facilitator and a listing on this page ensures that they have ensured that you are right to trust them. 


Katie Holland 

Sacred dance therapist Katie Holland is the creator of Awakened Bellydance. A renowned professional dancer with a passion for self-empowerment and self-initiation through conscious movement. Katie is also an Inner Dance facilitator/trainer, Yoga teacher and energy worker; holding the first UK ID training in 2016. Her natural, intuitive ability to hold space is testament to her commitment and a wealth of experience facilitating dance and energy-based workshops globally.

London and South East 

Hello, my name is Iris Anna !

I am a Master Graduated Clinical Mental Health Pharmacist , a Certified Inner Dance Facilitator (proudly trained by Katie Holland), a Qualified Tantra Therapist and Reiki Practitioner 

I have been practising and privately leading groups and individuals on the Path of Integrated Therapies and Sacred Sexuality since 2002.

Working both as a Mental Health Clinician and a Complementary Therapist, I am absolutely passionate about acknowledging the validity of both Traditional medicine and Holistic treatments in order to promote and achieve holistic wellbeing 

I specialise in the use of  Movement , Conscious Touch, Energy Healing Techniques and Archetype Tree of Life Pathways as a way to unlock our Emotions and promote their Integration .

I hold a Level 8 Certificate in Counselling and I am also a Qualified Educator and Trainer ( currently member of SET)

You can find me at

Looking forward to meeting you

South West 

Facilitor profile, photo and links to website, facebook page etc. Contact details. 

East Midlands 

West Midlands 

Facilitor profile, photo and links to website, facebook page etc. Contact details. 

Facilitor profile, photo and links to website, facebook page etc. Contact details. 

North East 

Facilitor profile, photo and links to website, facebook page etc. Contact details. 

North West 

Facilitor profile, photo and links to website, facebook page etc. Contact details. 


Kerry is an experienced Inner Dance facilitator who trained in the first UK training with Katie. She has been a spiritual seeker for her whole life starting with a sacred dance training at Findhorn as a teenager, she is a yoga practitioner, meditator, reiki healer and sound therapist - she brings all this to create a profound Inner Dance session. She describes Inner Dance as having changed her life. Contact her through her website or her Facebook page



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Caroline is a registered Somatic Movement Educator and Therapist, and a practising transpersonal and trauma Counsellor for over 22 years.   Caroline recognises the living body as home to spirit, she is deeply curious  about what the body knows and she is passionate about supporting people to come home to themselves, reclaiming their personal and collective  power and wisdom through sacred, conscious embodiment and movement.  Caroline is a trained Inner Dance facilitator and she offers individual, private inner dance sessions at her home space and group sessions in her local community of Dundee and online.

Caroline experiences Inner Dance as an initiation with the sacred feminine, awakening transformative healing within her which she is lovingly integrating through her own Inner Dance journeying, her continued in-depth training with Katie Holland and by holding sacred space for others.

Please contact her for information on these sacred practices and to find out about upcoming events or if you would like to co-create and offer a workshop together, you will be heartwarmingly welcomed.

Northern Ireland 

Meet Hayley, a dedicated innerdance facilitator with over two decades of experience in wellness, personal growth, and counselling. She discovered the transformative power of innerdance, which supercharged her own healing journey. Hayley's diverse background, including supporting individuals through addiction recovery, gives her a unique perspective.


Hayley's exceptional talent lies in creating a safe and sacred space for self-discovery and healing. Her deep understanding of the human experience, combined with her genuine humility, makes her a trustworthy guide. As an innerdance facilitator, her aim is to offer companionship and guidance on your journey of transformation and self-discovery.


Join Hayley on the path of self-discovery, healing, and transformation, where you can explore the depths of your inner world and unleash your personal power and wisdom.

Website - 



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